State Funds Provide $1 for $1 Match Incentive for Charitable Giving to Increase Student Achievement in Florida

Since 2001, $34 million dollars has been allocated by the Florida Legislature for the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program which has leveraged more than double that in private matching dollars. For school year 2015-16, $4.5 million has been allocated and is being used to fund projects across Florida to help raise student achievement.
Funds can be used in six programmatic areas determined by local education foundation leaders as priorities for advancing student achievement in Florida: Increasing Graduation Rates; Teaching Quality; Literacy; Low-Performing Students; STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Education; and Career/Technical Education.
For a report of 2015-16 project outcomes, click HERE.

Making a Difference with a $1 for $1 Match!

This is how we leveraged State dollars last year:
  • 147 projects in 57 different districts/counties
  • 1.3 million students served
  • Over 300 private partners
  • Over $5.4 million in private contributions for a total of $9.7 million invested in Florida's schools
To review the outcomes report from 2014-15 School District Education Foundation Matching Grants Program projects by district, click HERE.
For the full report on the 2013-14 program, click HERE.